What is the difference between white gold and platinum?

White gold is a mixture of yellow gold and white metals that give it a white appearance.  Platinum is a naturally white metal.   Both precious metals are perfectly suited for jewellery: non tarnishing, non-allergenic, and capable of being intricately worked. The price...

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Why is my white gold turning yellow?

The first thing to understand is that white gold is a mixture of yellow gold and white metals.  Like mixing paints, adding white makes it a very pale yellow.  A high polish increases the white appearance; and quality jewellery is often plated with rhodium (a natural...

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How much is my jewellery worth?

That depends.  Are you planning to replace, sell or melt it down for scrap value?  The dollar figure will vary according to what you intend to do with the jewellery. For example, imagine you start with 5 grams of 18ct gold.  After speaking with a designer, you have it...

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